Diji Album

Diji Album 7.0

It help us create our own digital album with our favorite photos, tune and text
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Diji Album 7.0 is the newest version of this shareware program by Xecute Software. It is possible for everyone to download the free evaluation version available from the developer's website. We must register our e-mail address before downloading. We can try this product for a 45-day period. The purchased version has some extra features such as we can burn our album to CD/DVD disks, print album, images, and text; protect albums with passwords, etc. Diji Album has been designed to help us create our own digital photo album with text and audio. It provides a comprehensive toolbox suite so we can fully customize the album to our preferences. From the Star menu, we can access several shortcuts for Diji Album application, Help, Shelf, Support, Viewer, Example Album, Purchase, Uninstall, and Xequte Website. The example album can provide a comprehensive graphical guidance about the program features. It is possible for share our album with other people even if they do not have this program installed if we select this option. There are many templates, clip arts, colors, background textures, and many more. The Main Window features a toolbar menu with many icons for managing our album, such as view album shelf, add pages, insert images, export, insert file, video, audio, text, print, etc. We can read information about each icon by moving our mouse over them. It runs under Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista operating systems.

Review summary


  • Although it has many features, it is very easy to use
  • Free Evaluation Version
  • Lots of Templates and Clip Arts


  • None
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